MA-Jewels, a.k.a. designers Maria Mastori and Costas Argiriou,
is a family brand based in Athens serving jewelry design with consistency and love.

Maria Mastori

is a jewelry designer for the last 30 years. She has explored a range of approaches such as established goldsmith traditions with unconventional materials and innovative techniques. Some pieces start from wax she has hand-carved. Blurring the lines between art and adornment, produces creative compositions focused on the principal idea : '' The inspiration of the unique jewelry ''. Her creations are in museums, galleries, and shops around the world.

Costas Argiriou

raised by unconventional parents, has developed a forceful artistic drive. He is a multitasker person who applies the same rigorous vision to all his design projects. Whether music, jewelry, collage, or painting. He has a narrative approach in his jewelry compositions, inspired by natural forms and color. His work exudes feminity via organic references as driftwood, sponges, cotton threads, cork, glass... Numerous galleries, shops, and exhibitions have quarter his creations through the years.

MA-Jewels is today's design and handmade jewelry studio developed through the collaboration of 2 individual designs who made this project possible.

Their philosophy embodies a complex and dynamic balance of opposing forces. The sophisticated and the instinctive, the traditional and the innovative, the personal and the social, the cool and the hot, and that makes the experimentation with jewellery a visionary in technique, style, uniqueness, and execution.